Next Shelter Building Workshop

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Need a Feral Cat Shelter?

Feral Cat Shelters

To request a shelter, visit the Toronto Street Cats website to complete an online order form.

If you’re outside of Toronto, shelters are available through the Ontario SPCA at several centres and clinics.  Click here to visit their website.

In the harsh winter weather, shelter can be even more important than food for feral cats. 

Even though feral cats develop a thick coat in the fall to keep them warm, they can die from exposure unless some protection from the elements is made available.  With a little ingenuity, caretakers can provide the added warmth that these cats need by constructing a homemade shelter.

Toronto Street Cats (TSC) volunteers hold shelter building workshops throughout the fall and winter to teach the public how to build inexpensive, warm shelters for homeless cats. Shelters built during the workshops are then made available to caretakers and colonies in need. The workshops are also a great venue for caretakers to network with others in the community that are performing TNR.